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Translator & Editor

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Hebrew-English translations and editing: Fields of expertise: Social sciences, history, education, Judaica, literary criticism, art reviews, and editing

I want to submit an article to a professional journal.
I will edit and polish the manuscript, and when necessary adapt it to the requirements for manuscript submission of a specific journal, including footnote style and bibliographic reference form.
I need to translate my birth certificate.
Any Israeli official document: ID card/birth certificate/death certificate/divorce papers/university degree/medical license/ whatever must be presented in English will be professionally and precisely translated, using approved templates.I want to submit an article to a professional journal.
I have to cover a large of number of articles in English.
Whether you are a bank manager preparing a lecture or a graduate student required to present a topic to the class, if you have to quickly review a large number of articles in English, I offer you a concise summary in English to allow you to make the best use of the material.
Books & Memoires
Manuscripts of family histories are sometimes lost because the extended family doesn’t speak Hebrew. Have these memoirs translated into English to serve as a living history of the family.
I want to present my project to foreign investors.
I will help you find the right words for a speech or presentation and will tailor it to you so that you can present it naturally and with ease.
I'm creating a website targeting English speakers.
I will translate the website using the kind of language and professional jargon that is used by American speakers of English.
Member of

"I wholeheartedly recommend Sharon Blass as a professional translator. I can attest that Ms. Blass has rich experience in translating and editing academic articles and books which have been published in international forums of the highest repute. Beyond her skill and the quality of her translation and editing technique, she supplies courteous, efficient, and patient service, always meeting deadlines, which sometimes requires her to work under pressure."

Professor Zohar Amar
Departmentof Land of Israel Studies,Bar-Ilan University

"Sharon (Shifra) Blass translates in all of the intricate fields of Hebrew-English with great accuracy and fidelity to the spirit of the original, which demands up-to-date knowledge in the terminology of law, literature, and literary research, as well as politics, Jewish law and religion at the highest standards. She does this quickly and exceedingly reliably."

Professor Hillel Weiss,
Head, Department of the Languages of the Jewish People, Bar-Ilan University

"Sharon Blass edited my doctoral dissertation for Yeshiva University in New York. She did a professional, efficient, and speedy job, to my total satisfaction. She even received high praise for the high quality of her editing work from the supervisors and advisers at Yeshiva University who reviewed the thesis.
I recommend her warmly."

Dr. Yitzhak Ressler

"I am taking this opportunity at a rare moment of quiet to thank you and express my appreciation for your valuable work. I also get very positive feedback on it - after all, you are the "music" behind the words in English as they are transmitted from Hebrew."

Zvi Slonim
Head, Land Redemption Fund

"Dear Sharon, First off, I would like to truly thank you for the quick and professional work you did for me despite my short notice. It is a real pleasure to work with you. …. You cannot imagine how important your help is for me, Thank G-d for your talent,"

Ofra Friedland, artist

Prices for translation and editing are based on recommended rates of the Israel Translators Association

(250 words)
110-130 NIS
(250 words)
80 NIS
Light editing
(250 words)
65 NIS
depending on level
(250 words)
200 NIS
depending on length of article
Prices listed above do not include VAT
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Other changes which may affect pricing:
• Academic, 10%-25% additional
• Urgency; handwritten source, can add up to 25%.
• Specific requirements: can affect pricing in range of 10-15%.
• In some cases, the job can be priced by the hour rather than by the page.
Sharon Blass

I believe that accurate and effective language is the sign of clear thinking but it is a skill that must be developed and honed. I have always loved language, and enjoyed the search for the “right word”, the aptest turn of phrase, and I feel that translating and editing in English are the professions that allow me to pursue this love in a useful and rewarding way.I was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and later studied English Language and Literature at Barnard College- Columbia University in NY (BA with honors). After moving to Israel in 1972, I attended Hebrew University where I completed a post-graduate course in the Department of Applied Linguistics in translating Hebrew-English. I have been translating for the past 26 years, first for Hever Translators’ Pool and other agencies and then as a freelance translator and editor for academics, Knesset members, researchers, and doctoral students. I have also taught academic English at Hebrew University, Ariel College, and branches of Haifa University.

Professional and academic background (list):

• Barnard College, Columbia University, BA with honors in English

• Hebrew University, Graduate studies in Translation (Diploma)

• Hebrew University, Graduate studies in Library Science (Diploma)

• Member of Israel Translators Association

• Academy of the Hebrew Language , course in syntax and phrasing (Hebrew)

Email: sharonblass0@gmail.com

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